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Chair’s Corner: RadSite Partners with Health Plans to Improve Radiation Quality and Safety

Cherrill Farnsworth Cherrill Farnsworth, RadSite Founder and Advisory Board Chair

Recognizing facilities that meet best-in-class standards is a priority for RadSite’s leadership team. Cherrill Farnsworth, founder and advisory board chair, explains the history behind RadSite’s mission and the basis for encouraging health plans to require imaging facilities to adhere to industry standards.

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RadSite Expands On-Site Audit Program

RadSite is pleased to announce that it has expanded its on-site audit program to verify the information submitted by applicants and to ensure the facilities are in compliance with RadSite standards.

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President’s Message: Optimizing Committee Support

Garry Carneal Garry Carneal, RadSite President

A primary goal of RadSite is to promote integrity, transparency and accountability in everything we do. Over the past year we have expanded our governance system to provide an important third-party peer review system to ensure best-in-class operation. Find out more about our quality benchmarking programs!

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RadSite Expands Board and Committees

RadSite has appointed several new industry and professional leaders to the RadSite Standards Committee and Accreditation Committee and named James Long, director of national contracting for Louisville, KY-based Humana, vice chair of its board and operations. The board and committees support the organization’s quality benchmarking activities to assess a full range of imaging trends.

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Medical Director’s Notes: Expanding Quality Initiatives in Medical Imaging

William W Orrison William W. Orrison, Jr., MD, MBA
RadSite Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Orrison, RadSite’s chief medical officer, discusses the importance of setting standards to enhance the quality of medical imaging and the rationale behind why the expansion of quality initiatives in medical imaging is important.

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The Impact of Physics on Medical Imaging

Stewart Bushong Stewart Bushong, ScD, FAAPM, FACR, RadSite Chief Medical Physics Officer

In the second part of this ongoing series on the impact that physics and physicists have had on the field of medical imaging, Dr. Bushong, RadSite’s chief medical physics officer, discusses William Roetgen, the first recipient of a Nobel Prize in the field of physics.

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Employee Spotlight: Merlin Griggs

Merlin Griggs Merlin Griggs has a passion for technology that transcends into his role at RadSite as a program support specialist. “I look forward to helping patients receive the proper care without causing any long-term health problems,” Griggs says.

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