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President’s Message: New Research Confirms RadSite’s Impressive ROI

Garry Carneal, JD, MA
RadSite President

As predicted, health plans that use RadSite’s Certification Program will see a positive ROI, according to new research conducted by an independent firm. Learn how this study illustrates the value that RadSite’s programs bring to patients, providers and facilities in the imagery field – both in terms of improved imaging quality and reduced costs.

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Chief Quality Officer’s Notes: The Importance of Quality in Medical Imaging

Eliot Siegel, MD
RadSite Chief Quality Officer

Medical professionals typically rely on medical images as the primary tool for assessing quality in every day practice. However, a number of other elements contribute to determining quality standards in health care, according to RadSite’s chief quality officer.

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RadSite’s QA Accreditation Program—Something for Everyone

Bruce Reiner, MD
RadSite Director of Accreditation

A hot topic in the medical imaging field is image quality and effectively integrating proactive quality assurance (QA) into everyday practice. Find out more about RadSite’s Accreditation Program and improving quality through data-driven analysis and technology innovation.

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RadSite Seeks Volunteers for Vital Committees

RadSite is looking to appoint new members to two committees central to the organization’s quality benchmarking activities for diagnostic imaging—the Standards Committee and the Accreditation Committee. Find out more about RadSite’s committees and if you would be a good fit!

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RadSite Expands On-Site Audit Program

Phillip W. Patton, PhD, CHP, DABR, ABSNM
RadSite On-Site Audit Coordinator

RadSite announces an expanded its on-site audit program for imaging providers to enhance its quality-based mission and goal of ensuring compliance with industry standards. 2013 is going to be a busy year!

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Employee Spotlight: AliceSowinski, Manager of Standards and Research

Alice Sowinksi’s passion for learning new topics and simplifying complex information makes her the ideal manager of standards and research for RadSite.

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