brain imageMIPPA Accreditation Program (MAP) Pricing

MAP Accreditation pricing is based upon the number of Advanced Diagnostic Imaging systems to be accredited. Each imaging system at a provider location is charged an Imaging System Fee. Discounts are applied to the total base costs of all combined Imaging System Fees.

To contact a RadSite representative about receiving a pricing quote for your facility or to learn more about specialized pricing for mobile imaging systems and expedited applications, please complete the following form. Please note, if you are seeking MAP Accreditation for multiple provider locations, you must request a separate pricing estimate for each individual location.

Base Costs

Each imaging provider location is charged fees based upon the number of imaging systems to be accredited.  Each imaging system is charged an Imaging System Fee:

  • Each CT system: $2,400
  • Each MRI system: $2,400
  • Each PET system: $1,800
  • Each SPECT system: $1,800

Available Discounts

RadSite offers discounts to help make MAP Accreditation more affordable for a wide variety of imaging providers. An applicant may select only ONE discount.

Small and Rural Provider Discounts

RadSite is committed to promoting patient safety and quality in imaging facilities across the United States, including small and rural providers who may struggle to afford Accreditation at the standard base costs. In order to take advantage of a Small and Rural Provider Discount, an applicant must submit proof of gross annual revenue from the past two fiscal years to demonstrate that the provider falls into one of the following categories:

  • Annual revenue is more than $2M = No discount
  • Annual revenue is between  $1M and $2M = Apply 5% discount
  • Annual revenue is over $500,000 and up to $1M = Apply 7.5% discount
  • Annual revenue is $500,000 or less = Apply 10% discount

Promotional Discounts

RadSite offers discounts for multi-site organizations and trade show discounts.  Ask your sales representative if you qualify.