The RadSite Difference

RadSite offers an array of quality-based, cost-saving assessment, certification and accreditation programs that promote best practices in imaging and other specialty services across the U.S. and its territories. Our mission is to identify opportunities for imaging facilities (including free-standing, hospital-based, and physician offices) to achieve a high level of quality that benefits all members of the health care continuum.

RadSite offers insights and recommendations that can not only improve the quality of diagnostic imaging, but also reduce the cost. The RadSite Difference stems from the relationship-based approach we take with both our provider and payor clients. By educating our clients regarding their identified opportunities for improvement, we make a difference in their business and in the end result to the patient or member. Our goals, regardless of the type of client we are working, are always focused on quality and safety.

In addition, RadSite offers educational and reporting services for health plans, imaging providers, regulators, consumers and others.